Costumes "Tacit" by Julia Antonick & Jonathan Meyer

Katrin Schnabl collaborates on costume design for contemporary dance works by Julia Rae Antonick & Jonathan Meyer.

July 8-10, 2010
8:30 pm
Overdier Hall, 1545 W Morse (at Ashland)

for reservations

Inhabiting a shadow-world collaging magic show, 19th-century politesse, Rube Goldberg absurdism, and social dance decorum, Tacit examines the unspoken agreements that facilitate and constrict duet dance forms, theatrical performance, fantasy, and gender relationships. This show also features an unusual presentation format, with choreography by Julia Rae Antonick and by Jonathan Meyer and co-created by both, all co-existing as separate and overlapping vignettes within the larger world of the show. This work arises from the on-going duet collaboration between Julia and Jonathan, their last year of intensive studies in tango and swing dance forms, and their continued conversation about understanding and naming their various roles as independent artist, dancer, duet artist, collaborator, and dance company choreographer.

Tacit also features dancers Marc Macaranas and Cara Sabin, and original music from long-time collaborator Joseph St. Charles. Photography by Dan Merlo.