Costumes for Jonathan Meyers "Whence" performed at Lacuna

a khecari work by Jonathan Meyer and Christopher Preissing

This unique sound-movement event is the culmination of the second series of collaborations between composer Christopher Preissing and choreographer Jonathan Meyer. Whence blends various texts with over 12 channels of processed field recordings, vocalists Carol Genetti, Louise Cloutier, Mimi Wallman, and Stacia Spencer, sound sculptures, and performance crowd. Featuring soloist Jonathan Meyer, and inhabiting a stunning 15,000 square foot warehouse space, this work is a journey through an aged wooden world, and the insecurities and passions that have sustained and hindered Meyer in his relationship to dance over the past 20 years.

choreography, dance, lighting design: jonathan meyer
music composition, vocal and sound direction: christopher preissing
vocal quartet: carol genetti, louise cloutier, mimi wallman, stacia spencer
performance crowd: genevieve lally knuth, tiffany sevilla, julia miller, linda solotaire, jessi t walsh, greg o’drobniak, sid yiddish, chad clark, maggie mascal, right eye rita, salome chasnoff, sid samberg, heather wilcox, elisa sutherland, cyndie carlson
clothing design: katrin schnabl

Fridays - Sundays, September 9-11 & 16-18, 8pm

Lacuna Artist Loft Studios
2150 S. Canalport, 2nd floor [Enter through southwest door]
Chicago, IL

Tickets $18 general or $12 low income
Two for one tickets on opening night, September 9.

*Please dress for a dusty environment.
**This show contains nudity and may not be appropriate for all audiences.