Throb by Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects at The Abrons Arts Center, NYC

JODY OBERFELDER DANCE PROJECTS presents three new works March 1-3, 2012, at Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side. THROB is a conceptual and physically demanding work inspired by the biological workings of the heart. Informed by conversations with cardiologist Dr. Holly Andersen, Oberfelder cultivates the heart for metaphorical meanings, associations, and physiological information. During the performance, heart monitors help access the intimate physicality of the dancers by measuring the heart fluctuations produced by physical exertions and emotional confluence. A sound designer, Weston Minissali, plugs the dancers actual heart rates, at specific moments in the performance, into a synthesizer, which compliments an original soundtrack by composer Andy Akiho.

Also on the program is RE: DRESS, a solo performed by Jody Oberfelder, set to music by Clogs, and the premiere of SUNG HEROES, a quartet which places each dancer in a cinematic lens, working through his or her own—and others’—emotional narratives to connect to the superhero within. Music is by The Section Quartet. Collaborators for the evening include lighting designer Kathy Kaufmann, costumes by Katrin Schnabl and dancers Lonnie Poupard, ChristinaNoel Reaves, Jake Szczypek and Jessica Weiss.